Sunday, February 22, 2009

Visions of Love

Red Rocket

Captains, Ashton and Ryan

Cute passengers Matt & David

Hottie crew member Carter

no, it doesn't say Skat... says skate

More sexy crew

...they made these two thirsty and quenched their thirst.

and more cute passengers




Fierce accessory!

the love was abundant
Larry and Andrew

Nicolas and Michael
plus some candid smoochers

Baker saw that

Cameron and Charlie

Mat with one T, Matt with two T's, and Ashton.
Looks like Matt got leid

Michael Stipe we love you!

Delvin and lovely-in-red Waylon

Christian, Andrew, and a glare from Nick.

Larry and Gino

And now some crotch love

looks like Christian is blasting off in someone's ear

Dj Ron like hell loves his bf's crotch

This is when space delirium set in


Andre knows where it's at...
It's at ROCKET!!!

Next Rocket is Saturday March 21

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