Sunday, January 25, 2009

Captains Log: 1/24/2009

Adam Selman and Nicolas
oooh la-la!

View from the flying Rocket

We all want a drink but we also want to be his jeans just a little, right?

Chris, Matt, Derek, David, and Gigi

Desi, will, and Ryan

Ashton and Jim

Wow look at this compositon.

Eric Leven... GRRR!

Andy giving me the side-eye

January Pinups centerfold, Tony

Luke is getting his hose on, literally

Dallas and Jesse

See and be seen!

What did Christian just see?Maybe this...


The gent in stripes (Alex?) celebrated his birthday at Rocket.

In this picture Adam Graham is holding him up like a puppet.

Je ne sais quoi.

And now a brief kissing contest between Christian and Steve:

looks like 2 to 2, but thats just on-camera kisses

I guess we'll never know the winner.

Pailo and Steve say CHEESE!

And then Steve must have said something extremely funny.

Uh-oh, trouble-maker Chris Miller is back in town!

Someone is eating Christian's hand!

My oh my.


Equal opportunity- no facial hair... no problem


Next ROCKET is Valentine's Day

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